Why the Turntable Record Player Is Still Relevant

There are several reasons why few people, both old and the young, choose turntables. To begin with, some music lovers on the Pick My Turntable website assert that turntables give a better and living sounds because vinyl records have continuous signals instead of the 44,100 samples per second signals found in CDs. Another thing is nostalgia. A lot of people that are brought up listening to turntable music find the mode of playing vinyl records for fun than starting an app on the phone for the same purpose.

These reasons have made it mandatory for some record labels and maybe artists to place their new songs on vinyl records. Based on an article in New York Times, 6% of Daft Punk’s, a French electronica duo, Random Access Memories album is placed on vinyl records. Some other music acts and artists that have tried the same method are vampire weekend, Front Bottoms and National.

Some of the major reasons to check when purchasing a turntable player from an electronics store include functions, build quality, price and the kind of cartridge. The cartridge is specifically necessary because it has a stylus that goes through the grooves in a vinyl record. By putting all these reasons into consideration, you may be able to find the best less expensive player available at the stores.

For years the turntable was considered an element of vital importance in the home since it was the easiest and most accessible method to enjoy all kinds of music in the comfort of home. Nowadays, despite the proliferation of MP3s and the most advanced sound systems that exist, many people continue to favour this very useful and peculiar object; especially with the rise of vintage fashion.

This being the case, it is not surprising to find on sale in certain establishments and internet sites, the sale of old record players, which are well preserved or restored, or even some that are very modern and have a design more current, and even incorporate different colours.

If you are passionate about objects with a retro wave, surely you are burning with desire to have one or at least to know everything that concerns them. If so, we are sure that today’s article is going to love you, because we have a lot of interesting information for you!

Each turntable is made up of the parts described below:

It is known by this name to the main structure, which is formed by the needle arm, the plate that rotates the discs and the capsule as a whole. This part is responsible for collecting the sound coming from the vinyl records, to reproduce it in the most faithful way possible. Likewise, it can be divided into several categories depending on certain characteristics that may come to present:

Automatic turntable: As the name implies, they work based on a system that is capable of changing from one record to another, as well as starting and ending with the reproduction of them. Also, it can work with several discs.

Semi-automatic tampering: Although it is less independent than the previous one; One of its biggest advantages is that it takes care of the discs to the maximum, isolating the likelihood of scratching. Each time a disc ends, lift the arm back to its initial position to make it easier to extract.

The turntable of rising and fall of arm: Its main characteristic is that the arm can be manipulated to fall in the desired zone of a disc, by means of a button that raises it and makes it fall.

Manual turntable: Less popular than the previous but at the same time, the most classic and common of all. It is completely operated by the user, who must take charge of turning it on and starting it, as well as positioning the arm to play the music.

Turntable platform: This component is the one that rotates a disc so that the movement can be transformed into sound. What is most relevant to him is that he must be able to rotate at an appropriate speed, so that music can resonate properly. You need an engine to start each of your rotations.

Needle Arm: It is responsible for making the needle rotate on the surface of the disk, in order to read the information contained in it. Its position in the turntables is very important, because, in addition to giving support to the capsule, it balances it in such a way that it can follow the pattern of the discs.

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