What Are The Best Survival Blades?

Are you looking for the best survival blades that will definitely meet all of your outdoor and survival needs? If so, you have come to the right place. Knowing that survival is important and a necessity, being fully equip at all times matters. Of course, you will need a knife that will help you get through any emergency situations. Here are the following survival blades.

Aluminium Folder CRKT M21- carrying a folding knife outdoors is indeed handy. You can never tell as to when an emergency situation would come. This item is designed for your benefit. You can carry this type of survival knife anywhere you are. You can even put it any compartment that you own such as putting it inside your pocket of your jeans.

SL Pro 2 Tool Logic- there is few survival knives that have been popularized. The quality of the knife provides not only knife needs but it also have other features that you can benefit such as the use of a flashlight. Most of this type of survival knife comes with a serrated blade.

Swiss Army Knife Centurion- this is one of the best survival blades that you can purchase. It is also known by most people all over the world. This was popularized because of McGyver. Perhaps, you are familiar with this TV series that was played many years ago. The centurion has developed its features which is the reason why most people would purchase this survival blade.

Mule Folder Ka-bar- it is known as the heaviest duty tool that you can have in the market. It has a solid material and it also has a very sharp point that can easily scrape or cut a person’s skin.

1 Spear point, Cold Steel Recon- this is a type of survival knife that doesn’t have the usual kind of blade. It is very thin and it is only ideal for those who are taking shifts on duty. This is very light, thin and sharp as well. It is lightweight which means you can carry it without even noticing that it is in your pocket.

CRT ultima- if you are into dagger type of survival knives, this a great option for you. It has a stainless steel and titanium with a nitride coating. Its overall length is about 10 inches which can be too long for you to keep. However, if you want to achieve the best survival blade this is for sure your next buddy outdoor.

Straight edge full size black- the marine corps of the US actually made this type of survival knife. This is actually feared by many because of how it can truly stab a person. Keep precaution if you want to ensure safety in your environment. This is best for hunting.

Best survival blades do come in various shapes and sizes. Now, that you know which type of survival knife would you like to purchase. As long as it will tailor fit your survival needs.

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