Take Your Software Development Effectivity to the Next Level Through Dotnear

One of the big challenges in facing AIDS awareness programs all over the world is logistics. There has to be some sort of software that enables to communicate clearly and effectively across many different barriers. That’s really the bottom line. The reason why HIV and AIDS are still global pandemics is that of these barriers.

Well, while we have made some significant gains in overcoming these barriers. These still do exist and one of the most exciting frontiers of this global search for a solution involves software by simply creating software that enables people from all over the world to get together regardless, of their language barrier and share important information that enables to be greater health evangelists.

We can finally break through the prolonged back and forth struggle against the spread of HIV. Make no mistake about it. HIV is still spreading, of course it spreads more certain regions of the world than others. This is very worrisome. We’re hoping that through the right technology, we would be able to overcome the spread and finally start restricting HIV. The battle is far from over.

Unfortunately, there are too many people in the media who are under the impression that AIDS awareness and HIV are basically just optional. They are thinking that basically the problem has been done and has been dealt with. If things were only that’s simple. If only these were the reality. Unfortunately, this isn’t.

There is still a tremendous amount of harm involved in HIV. This is why software would be crucial in providing the necessary communication networks and platforms that enable people to overcome some serious logistical bottlenecks and difficulties. With that said, the software is already quite expensive to produce. If you are not in a program, chances are you have to outsource this type of work.

Believe me, it can cost quite a lot of money. When done by American programmers, a lot of action regarding outsourcing to India that solution brings with it more than its fair share of issues. I’m not going to go into this, but a lot of American companies are looking for an intermediate solution. They rather outsource to a country that is close enough. This can lead to logistical and strategic advantages.

For some reasons, European companies and increasingly American establishment are going with near sourcing or midterm outsourcing. What does it mean? Instead of going all the way to the other side of the globe, places like India and the Philippines, an increasing number of companies in the United States and Western Europe are opting to go to places in Eastern Europe.

A lot of this has to do with the time zone. It also has a lot to do with budget and error checking, because dealing with a company from the other side of the world has to do with some sort of time, some sort of bureaucratic patient. Dealing with a company located at the other side of the world is going to get some sort of time delay. It’s going to be some sort of burueacratic issues, but in dealing with a country that you can simply jump on a plane and access at any time changes the game.

This ensures a high quality. This also ensures greater assurance and a greater level of responsiveness. Given everything that could go wrong with software programming, a little bit of responsiveness definitely goes a long way. This is why dotNear is such an amazing company, because it enables software development for small nonprofits to become reality. They don’t have to be some sort of massive NGO with a multimillion-dollar annual budget to afford the kind of software you need to take in your advocacy and mission statement to a whole new another level.

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