Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Cheats and Tips for Avid Game Players

This game is produced by Electronic Arts publication and it has its development credits to Capital Games. Star Wars (Galaxy of Heroes) is a Role-Playing mobile card game that was launched into the market in October 2015 in Australia and its formal release was later on November 24, 2015. Below you will find some Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes cheats and tips that will assist in advancing through the game.

Save your Splash for the last battle

When you begin playing the game, you will be equipped with a party whose attack is greater than the enemy’s, majority of gamers refer to this as an AOE attack or a splash attack; which also means an area of effect. When you are engaged in your Light/Dark battles, you will observe that in order to advance to the final, you have to confront a number of enemies.

Just before you advance to the final, it is important to be aware that the final is not child’s play, thus making it important that you save your best attacks for last. It is not a wise choice for you to waste your energy on power-ups before the final.

Do not forget about daily activities and achievements.

Everyone wants to gather as much XP, credits, crystals and energy as possible during their game play and one way to achieve that is by completing certain achievements and daily activities.

Activities are usually like tasks that engage the player with training some characters, engaging in some Dark/Light fights, going through with some battles and much more. The completion of these activities on daily basis with bring some benefits in later times.

It is important that you do not forget to monitor your achievements and see what needs to be done to gain more freebies. There are achievements that you can complete in little or no time and there are achievements that will take some time before they are completed.

These vital Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes cheats will assist you in enjoying your game play, making get most out of the game at the same time.

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