Reference Guide on Louis Vuitton Bags for Sale

It is general knowledge that Louis Vuitton as a fashion house was established back in 1884 by no other person but Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton is renowned for its luxury leather and travel goods including Louis Vuitton bags for sale, accessories, and shows. It is without a doubt that over the years Louis Vuitton has become one of the leading fashion house globally, thus having over 500 boutiques in about 50 countries.
Louis Vuitton initially started out with making luggage, he then comes to the realization that flat trunks could be stacked as opposed to its counterpart, round trunks. In 1858, Louis Vuitton then brought to limelight his flat-bottom trunks and the whole of France as a country went crazy. After its introduction to the public, every malletiers or luggage makers began imitating Louis Vuitton’s design.
George Vuitton, being Louis Vuitton son made the decision in 1896 to further on the adventure of the fashion house that was initiated by his father. George went ahead to design the famous monogram canvas. Back then, in order to fight against the counterfeiters, he brought about a canvas bearing bold graphics, this being a pattern that could be recognized instantly. The unique pattern comprised of a universal and timeless symbol, flowers and the signature entwined Louis Vuitton initials (LV).
Since its design, the monogram canvas has been linked with organic, vegetable-tanned vachetta leather from cowhide. The information on all the various styles of the Louis Vuitton bags manufactured from leathers like Monogram Empreinte, Monogram Vernis, Epi and Damier Ebene.

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