Promoting HIV Awareness among Backpackers: Best Knife for Survival

When you’re on the trails it’s an open secret that you have to make sure that you are well equipped for the adventure you’re going to undertake. However ensuring that you are in possession of the best knife for survival for your trip is something that’s (wrongly) neglected by people. There are basically a lot of choices out there and getting one of every knife type would cost a lot of money, I intend to examine a sample of that major knife types that are available and to provide a guide for which knife could be utilised for which purposes, like cutting through undergrowth, gutting that fish for dinner or cutting rope.

Selecting the correct knife for you could be a spot of bother, the following are a few options for you to examine when you’re buying a new knife for the purpose of outdoors.

Folding Knife – This is normally a little knife that folds into its very own handle thus letting you transport in your pocket or pack in a safe way. With the simple opening and safety lock that could be found in a lot of modern folding knives, they represent a safe and secure during use.

Fixed Blade Knives – The fixed blade knife, has a handle that is not flexible and is therefore seen as a more secure option than the folding type. Fixed blade knives are a very good fit for tougher jobs where pressure might possibly be needed. When opting for the best knife for survival, its use is going to be decided by the blade size, with the smaller blades preferably more suited to technical tasks like carving or filleting.

Machetes – The Machete is a popularly used knife in the Caribbean and Latin America where it’s used to cut through the undergrowth as well as agricultural products like sugarcane. It is usually much larger compared to a traditional knife, therefore, it should be handled in a gentle way during use. However, it offers an awesome option when large areas of shrubbery have to be cut back.

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