Is It Safe To Go Through Sbiancante Denti?

Sbiancante denti, the Italian term for whitening teeth, is not only an exclusive phenomenon that has taken the public by storm in Italy. In fact, this is widely in demand all over the world and majority of the people want it more convenient and safe done at home. However, the most common whitening toothpaste can barely even whiten up the teeth, thus people resort to more extreme measures. These extreme measures, depending on where you found these procedures, can be dangerous when abused or not applied according to instructions. And because of these facts that dentists urge people to discuss the possible risks with whitening procedures and products. This is very important, especially when you are planning to have your teeth whitened.

The risks linked with the whitening products include sensitivity with the tooth and damage to its roots. Dentists are able to predict the kind of problems linked with whitening and the sensitivities with the procedures. They may even be able to aid you in alleviating the sensitivity which is recommending particular toothpastes and procedures that are designed in treating sensitive teeth. Dentists also check out for signs of damage to the roots that are caused by whitening procedures and then treat the condition when they are detected in time.

Should you bleach your teeth?

Most people still want to have their teeth bleached, but because there are certain factors that need to be addressed first, many are concerned whether they are allowed to go through the bleaching process. Generally, tooth whitening is at a 90 percent success rate on patients. The rule of thumb here is that the yellow-colored teeth get to respond really well with various whitening procedures, while the brownish colored ones do not really respond that well. The gray stains on the teeth are the result of smoking, taking fluorosis or tetracycline most likely not going to change anything at all.

Also, the tooth whitening procedure may not improve your smile at all if you had a tooth-colored fillings or bonding placed at the front teeth. The whitener doesn’t have any effect on the color made by these materials and they are not going to match the whitened smile that you’ve gone through. In such cases, you might want to take or consider other options available, such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

Is bleaching the best option?

For this, you will need the approval of your dentist. Keep in mind that not all stains can be lightened up with OTC whitening products or even with professional bleaching. Your dentist will be able to guide you on which procedures you should take. If you’ve got sensitive teeth, worn out enamel or gum disease, your dentist will probably discourage you from teeth whitening.

The cost of going through the sbiancante denti depends on which procedure you take. But if you were to go to a dentist and have them perform the procedure for you, this procedure is usually not covered in health insurances. Make sure you check out your insurance first if you want to lessen the cost of paying for the procedure.

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