Guide to Buying Awesome Squishies

It is important you are aware of the fact that the trend on the Squishy toy is gradually increasing daily. More people are willing to purchase one from the Windsor Smith’s collection, just so that they can enjoy the benefits that come with having it. Some of the benefits that are enjoyed by the toddlers are that their memory is sharpened alongside flexibility in learning, quick, and smart reflexes. The older individual’s on the other hand benefit from these soft toys too, Squishies assist in releasing the stress from their mind by creating repetitive movements of squeezing a ball and it can assist in burning off the excess energy.

There are some factors that you should consider when you are purchasing one.

Quality – The first thing that you should have in mind is the quality of the squishy; it is important whatever squishy you are buying is of high quality. This will make sure that the squishy is able to perform the activity for which it is renowned for globally. It will also contribute to the durability of the toy.

Design and Shape – Squishies come in various cute shapes and fun designs. You have the choice to choose the design and shape that meets your requirement or perhaps one that follows your perception. Cute characters are best suited for children while ball-shaped characters, on the other hand, are the best choice for older individuals. However, you still have the choice to pick what you like be it ball-shaped or cute as the case may be.

Colour: Especially with baby toys, the colour must be saliva proof. Tip: Rub over the paint with a damp finger. Should it rub off, leave the product lying around and inform the sales staff. Exception: water-based paints.

Edges and corners: Sharp edges can injure small and large children – “suspect” the possible sources of danger. Small parts: small parts must not detach – very important in children under three years! So: When plush toy buys firmly on eyes, ears, etc. pull. A good teddy will not blame you. If loose parts are included with a product, remove them immediately or refrain from buying. Rule of thumb: Anything that fits in an empty film can is swallowed by infants and thus unsuitable.

Volume: The sirens of toy cars and airplanes, children’s musical instruments and even music boxes should undergo a critical self-test, as some are too loud and damage the hearing of children. Turn on or unplug the baby toy in the store and hold it directly to your ear. If it is uncomfortably loud or even painful in the ear, the product is good for nothing. Because permanent hearing loss is difficult to detect in babies, this simple but reliable test is particularly important.

Age of the child: Depending on the age, children prefer different things. You should always try to offer your child the toy that will help him in his current development. For newborns, this is very simple toys. At this age children want to grab, see and hear. Baby mobiles, and rattles are best suited here. As a toddler, it’s all about exercise. Balls, cars and building blocks are very popular. At kindergarten age, the motor and mental skills are developed further.

Washable: plush toys should be washable. Relevant information can be found on the label or on the packaging.

Why do you have to be careful about buying kid’s toys?

Dangers hide in children’s toys easily. It’s best to have a checklist of things to check before you buy. These are a smell, colour, edges, small parts, and volume. These aspects should be checked very carefully. Only if they are all right, the toy is suitable for your child. The smell should be as neutral as possible. If the toy smells like chemicals, you should keep your hands off it. Especially with rubber and plastic parts that are crucial.

There are special colours developed for children’s toys. These are for a non-toxic. Children like to check their toys with their mouths. Above all, they are water and saliva-resistant. Rub over the toy with a damp finger before buying. When the paint goes off, the toy is unsuitable. Mostly, colours that look “poisonous” are not safe.

Furthermore, you should feel the toy exactly. Feel any rough edges? Then choose a different toy. Otherwise, your child can easily cut and hurt. Small parts are dangerous until the age of three. These are easily swallowed by children. So you have to be picky about which squishy toys you get your kids.

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