Integral to the work of AHRN is Grant Making which is the way toward acquiring funds and allocating them to our different executing partners. This is critical as an extensive part of our executing partners are grassroots associations situated in rural and at-risk communities. Some might not have built up the level of ability to access or oversee international donor funding and thus, AHRN gives continuous mentorship and training to strengthen them to become capable, viable, and autonomous bodies.

We, in this way, bolster a variety of projects which are altogether centered on a comparative target, to moderate the effect of HIV/AIDS on at-risk communities in Asia through the provision of better-quality community care and support programs.

The work of our execution partners centers on the following issues:


Behavior Change Communication: directed mediations with difficult-to-reach communities and groups at higher danger of HIV disease; voluntary counselling and testing in addition to community exchange, trainings and workshops including support groups which serves to assist communities to discuss, recognize, and react to the means by which social practices influence health practices, in addition to physical and mental health.

Combination prevention and Treatment: mediations that are targeted at bringing HIV guiding, testing, and treatment, with condom distribution along with other pertinent health services to environments that are non-healthcare as locally-based care, health days, and a mobile clinic.

Care and Support

Public Care: organizations offering training and services with regards to health administration, DOTS, home-based palliative and nursing care, ARV proficiency and compliance education, and bereavement counseling projects.

Child Protection and Health: association occupied with the early identification of at-risk children and progression planning, encouraging kinship and local child care, helping with social grant applications, guiding, and observing the health of children.

Poverty Mitigation: associations encouraging and offering training on food security, the growth of community gardens, helping families get access to social grants, supporting money-making ventures, and short-term crisis relief for impoverished families.

Policy and Practice

Support for autonomous NGOs that work to impact change and to inform practice and policy through advocacy, research, social mobilization, and legal mediation.

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