Getting an Undercounter Ice Maker for the Health Network

If you are in need of ice for your business or personal use, then an undercounter ice maker may just be the device for you as they are designed to fit perfectly in areas where only a little space is available. It is a great addition to your kitchen, office room, luxury suite or your bar as it doesn’t take up as much space compared to your coolers.

An undercounter ice maker serves as anauxiliary support to your main ice maker unit which may be situated in a far location making transportation a tedious process. Fora busy restaurant or bar, it is important to remember that an under counter ice maker only serves as an auxiliary unit and not the main source of ice due to its low ice production, but will make it more convenient to transport your ice from place to place.

An under counter ice maker is easy to install as it generally requires only 3 conditions to operate: a floor drain, a potable water supply and a stable source of electricity. There are some models of ice makers like the smaller under counter or cabinet style ice makers which are capable of working in the absence of a floor drain.

Almost all under counter ice makers require a standard of 120 volts of electricity as well as a cord and plug, but some large-scale ice makers for commercial use may require clearance from the right and left sides of the maker to for efficient circulation of the air.

A front air discharge design is mostly used by an under counter ice makers to permit the circulation of air needed for the cooling to stay at the front of the unit.  By discarding the need for clearance from the right and left sides, the ice maker can be able to fit into much smaller spaces if needed.

To understand the specific operating conditions for your undercounter icemaker, you need to ensure that you check the manufacturer’s guide always, before making a purchase.

An undercounter ice maker, like other larger units, comes in a variety of widths, have different ice production capabilities, with different types of ice cubes which depend on the manufacturer can be very useful in a bar setting as most people don’t mind the shape of ice for their drinks.

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