Car Breakers Yards: Importance and Services

A wreckers or car breakers yard is a business that deals in the dismantling of wrecked or decommissioned vehicles. When these vehicles are brought to the wrecking yard, they are sold for money according to the usable parts.Thereafter, the vehicles are dismantled and the usable parts are salvaged and sold for profit after being reconditioned and checked, while the unusable parts,referred to as scrap metal, are sold to metal recycling companies for profit according to the metal type and its weight. When a vehicle is crashed beyond use, the owner may call upon the services of a breaker to tow the car away.

The vehicles are arranged in rows on a metal frame or on top one another, to make them easily accessible and the location of the vehicles are recorded on a database while an inventory is made in their offices for all the vehicles and their reusable parts. The location of parts is now made easier by the services of a satellite part finder, which deals with requests instantly and is completely web-based as it can review the databases of several car breakers at time.

After being reconditioned by the car breakers, the parts that are typically dismantled for the vehicles are mostly light parts so they can be easily sold like blinkers, headlights, mirrors, exhaust systems etc. while the other significant parts such as the car engine or the transmission are usually removed and sold to auto- parts companies that rebuild the parts and sell them with a warranty.

For quick recovery, parts are frequently put away on shelves, so they can be sent immediately a request or order comes up as the parts can be sourced promptly without waiting for the vehicles to be disassembled and parts removed. Only a few car breakers yards offer the services of mechanics for the fitting and installation of reusable parts for use in operating vehicles, while the rest of them only sell the parts and recommend the services of an outside mechanic for its installation.

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