The Association of HIV Relief Networks (AHRN) is the maidenproject of its type. A worldwide network support and information group, set up to provide some kind of connection and support amongst the brave individuals and different projects working in Asia to prevent the continuous spread of HIV amongstinjecting drug users. Thousands of people and several organizations contribute to the network and AHRN is recognized by the relevant government and world health bodies who see relief from harm and networking as key methodologies in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

The network oversees four major activities:

  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Information Sharing

AHRN is controlled by projects for projects. The network connects and provides support for programs with a wide variety of services ranging from a newsletter to a resource centre, technical support, and special reports training courses. AHRN’s fundamental objective is to advance all activities for averting HIV and all the other different problems related tothe injection of drugs.

AHRN Mission Statement:

To decrease the damages related to drug use and injection in Asia, particularly HIV disease, through a procedure of information sharing, networking, program and policy development, and advocacy.

AHRN Objectives

  • To set up a sustainabledamage relief network, situated in Asia;
  • To build up a more far-reaching comprehension of forms of injecting drugs by injection and related harm (particularly HIV disease) in Asian nations;
  • To provide a forum where information and communication exchange between organizations, individuals, and countries taking part in the program will be encouraged.
  • To provide organizations and individuals in Asia with the required training and support, sharing core skills and a philosophy that is coherent and one that can reinforce their efforts.
  • To encourage program and policy improvement at the levels of NGO, international, regional, and government.
  • To advance national relief networks worldwide

AHRN Management

The Association of HIV Relief Networks (AHRN) is led by an Executive Committee chosen for their know-how and contribution to the prevention of HIV and facilitation of damage relief in Asia:

AHRN Executive Committee

Mr. Ibraheem Shaheed (Indonesia) Chairman

Prof. Mukhtar Ali (Malaysia) Vice Chairman

Ms. Hidayat Rahman (Indonesia) Member

Dr.  Sanjiv Kumar (India) Member

Mrs. Jennifer Cullins Executive Director, AHRN

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