A Look at Executive Condominiums and the Facilities on Offer

Many benefits are attached to Executive condominiums. There is a handful of facilities that you are open to and can be enjoyed; this is most definitely one of the benefits that many individuals look forward to these luxurious establishments. So much class and prestige come with the Executive Condos from Rivercore EC. They made sure that housing, in general, is taken forward to a new dimension.

Car parks

Among the several facilities, the owners of this luxurious property enjoy is the car park. It is without a doubt that car parks can be set up in varying ways; they could be either multi-storey or underground. An underground car park is much more interesting and many have accepted this as the best choice. The reason for that is that they believe that you will be able to park your car in an area that is closer to your block and you have shelter right before you get to your Executive condominium

Other facilities

When you are residing in an Executive condominium, it is without a doubt that there is a handful of facilities are your beck and call. Though many of the facilities are shared, it is still a good thing to have them at your disposal whenever it is that you require. One of the common features of an Executive condo is the Swimming pool it comes with.

Purpose of the real estate purchase

There are several reasons for buying a condo. Therefore, before taking money, one should be aware of the purpose of the property. Because renting and own use results in different requirements. When determining the purpose, it is important to note that a condominium – whether as a retirement home or as an investment property – entails a long-term commitment. Therefore, think ahead and not only by current standards!

Age or style of the building

Old-style condominium buildings have, above all, aesthetic advantages. They are usually in the (historical) city centre, have high ceilings, are generously dimensioned and with loving renovation the perfect tenant magnet. The visual impact of stucco, rich ornaments, and handsome facades should not be underestimated. Because what looks beautiful, also wants to be maintained and maintained. Existing buildings are much more susceptible to damage, so the repair costs and investment requirements are higher. An insidious trap lurks on condos that are still being sold in the planning phase. Here prospective buyers should carefully study the building description and pay attention to details. Because only the building services mentioned in the building description are also binding. The developer is liable in hindsight only for defects, if the result clearly deviates from the description.

Remember the continued costs of owning a condominium

A widespread mistake that apartment owners often make is that only the purchase price of the apartment is expected. But here lies the catch. This is because not only the condominium itself has a price, but it also taxes and fees incurred during the acquisition process.

Try and consider the insurance

The right insurance package for the protection of the condominium is indispensable since a claim can quickly threaten the financial existence of a private investor.

When buying a condominium and the associated entry into a community of owners, however, two fundamental assurances about the community are normally available.

What are other factors you should know?

Among the factors that you should consider before buying a condo are:

Monthly charges: These provide the necessary funds to ensure and maintain common areas. The cost varies by size, location, and other factors.

Insurance coverage: We must differentiate building insurance (master insurance policy) with housing insurance. The first one is acquired by the owners association, and the second one is under your responsibility and it covers the inside of your unit for the repair or replacement of accessories and personal property.

Resale Restrictions: Determine any limitations on reselling your unit.

Regulations: These are prepared by the association of owners, and they indicate your responsibilities and obligations as owner of the condominium, as well as what you should and should not do to maintain the appearance of the building. For example, rules may prohibit satellite discs or require that parking be assigned, prohibit or allow pets, etc.

Whether as an investment or retirement home, property guarantees return and security alike. However, a lot of money can be set in the sand, namely, if one is not clear before the acquisition, which purpose the property should serve and what must be considered during the purchase process.

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