What is Injury Relief?

Injury Relief is about averting HIV/AIDS. It is about sparing lives. For whatever length of time that individuals keep on spreading HIV through unsafe sex and drug injection, injury relief will be required. The term Injury Relief alludes to different policies and strategies for decreasing the physical and social damages related to risk-taking conduct.

Injury Relief among IDUs (Injecting Drug Users) can take a lot of forms (education programs, drug substitution, abstinence, needle exchange, counselling, etc.). Injury relief can be applied in the area of legal drugs including where total abstinence from risky behavior is unrealistic. Injury Relief is about making unsafe practices less hazardous.

Nonetheless, a growing number of projects and governments in Asia are demonstrating that drug use ought to be seen as a medical issue and not only a lawful issue. These projects and policy makers have officially recorded some amazing accomplishments as far as planning powerful mediations, lessening the spread of injected HIV, and involving neighborhood groups and governments in the design of practical solutionsto the mind boggling issues related toinjecting drug use. The founding of an injury relief network in Asia focusing on injecting drug useand HIV ought to support this key work and ideally offer tremendous advantages at insignificant cost.

The Silent Epidemic: HIV and IDU

The spread of the HIV infection in Asia by drug injection is one of the most severe and disregarded developmentsin the HIV/AIDS epidemic’s history. Needle sharing and Injecting Drug Use (IDU) are happening in numerous communities and nationsin the region. As a result, a large number of youngsters are either in danger of getting infected by HIV or already infected.

Injecting practices that are unsafe are a huge factor in HIV spread among IDUs. Be that as it may, more noteworthy is the rehashed lack of consideration drug injection gets in deciding approaches to halt the spread of HIV. A couple of countries in Asia have had the capacity to actualize proper drugprevention and treatment procedures. Drug policies have focused on a ‘war on drugs, which, in the absence of treatment alternatives, has prompted drug use to become an extremely covered up and uncontrolled issue in the community.

How might you take part in the AHRN?

• By becoming a member of our database
• By telling us about otherpeople and groups who ought to be members of AHRN
• By writing articles and reports to our resource centre, Website, newsletter
• By communicating your opinions, needs, and views
• By inspiringInjury Relief exercises in your country

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A Look at Executive Condominiums and the Facilities on Offer

Many benefits are attached to Executive condominiums. There is a handful of facilities that you are open to and can be enjoyed; this is most definitely one of the benefits that many individuals look forward to these luxurious establishments. So much class and prestige come with the Executive Condos from Rivercore EC. They made sure that housing, in general, is taken forward to a new dimension.

Car parks

Among the several facilities, the owners of this luxurious property enjoy is the car park. It is without a doubt that car parks can be set up in varying ways; they could be either multi-storey or underground. An underground car park is much more interesting and many have accepted this as the best choice. The reason for that is that they believe that you will be able to park your car in an area that is closer to your block and you have shelter right before you get to your Executive condominium

Other facilities

When you are residing in an Executive condominium, it is without a doubt that there is a handful of facilities are your beck and call. Though many of the facilities are shared, it is still a good thing to have them at your disposal whenever it is that you require. One of the common features of an Executive condo is the Swimming pool it comes with.

Why the Turntable Record Player Is Still Relevant

There are several reasons why few people, both old and the young, choose turntables. To begin with, some music lovers on the Pick My Turntable website assert that turntables give a better and living sounds because vinyl records have continuous signals instead of the 44,100 samples per second signals found in CDs. Another thing is nostalgia. A lot of people that are brought up listening to turntable music find the mode of playing vinyl records for fun than starting an app on the phone for the same purpose.

These reasons have made it mandatory for some record labels and maybe artists to place their new songs on vinyl records. Based on an article in New York Times, 6% of Daft Punk’s, a French electronica duo, Random Access Memories album is placed on vinyl records. Some other music acts and artists that have tried the same method are vampire weekend, Front Bottoms and National.

Some of the major reasons to check when purchasing a turntable player from an electronics store include functions, build quality, price and the kind of cartridge. The cartridge is specifically necessary because it has a stylus that goes through the grooves in a vinyl record. By putting all these reasons into consideration, you may be able to find the best less expensive player available at the stores.

Natural Hair Regrowth: An Overview of How Hair Loss Occurs

The term “natural hair regrowth” originates from the effort to make use of natural products to have the balding and thinning areas on your scalp restored. Though it has been proven very much effective, there are certain hair medications that contain toxic chemicals that can be ingested into the bloodstream, thus result in traveling all through your body. At this point, you must make the decision on if your overall health is worth jeopardizing in order to restore the bald area on your head; this is actually when there are natural hair regrowth measures to have your hair rejuvenated.

Many women and men are suffering from androgenic alopecia, which is commonly referred to male and female pattern baldness. Women suffer hair loss in the thinning region while men on the other hand experience diminish natural regrowth of the hair on the crown of their head and hairline. This has been studied and it has been observed that the excessive levels of DHT contribute to this “female and male pattern baldness”. It is important you are aware of the fact that it comes up at any age.

When you have a very high level of DHT, it will most definitely result in binding itself to the roots, follicles, and hair strands on your head. When this is done, hair production in that follicle will cease. The strand will go dormant alongside the follicle, the hair will fall out even if it was once in place for a period.

Guide to Buying Awesome Squishies

It is important you are aware of the fact that the trend on the Squishy toy is gradually increasing daily. More people are willing to purchase one from the Windsor Smith’s collection, just so that they can enjoy the benefits that come with having it. Some of the benefits that are enjoyed by the toddlers are that their memory is sharpened alongside flexibility in learning, quick, and smart reflexes. The older individual’s on the other hand benefit from these soft toys too, Squishies assist in releasing the stress from their mind by creating repetitive movements of squeezing a ball and it can assist in burning off the excess energy.

There are some factors that you should consider when you are purchasing one.

Quality – The first thing that you should have in mind is the quality of the squishy; it is important whatever squishy you are buying is of high quality. This will make sure that the squishy is able to perform the activity for which it is renowned for globally. It will also contribute to the durability of the toy.

Design and Shape – Squishies come in various cute shapes and fun designs. You have the choice to choose the design and shape that meets your requirement or perhaps one that follows your perception. Cute characters are best suited for children while ball-shaped characters, on the other hand, are the best choice for older individuals. However, you still have the choice to pick what you like be it ball-shaped or cute as the case may be.

Reference Guide on Louis Vuitton Bags for Sale

It is general knowledge that Louis Vuitton as a fashion house was established back in 1884 by no other person but Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton is renowned for its luxury leather and travel goods including Louis Vuitton bags for sale, accessories, and shows. It is without a doubt that over the years Louis Vuitton has become one of the leading fashion house globally, thus having over 500 boutiques in about 50 countries.
Louis Vuitton initially started out with making luggage, he then comes to the realization that flat trunks could be stacked as opposed to its counterpart, round trunks. In 1858, Louis Vuitton then brought to limelight his flat-bottom trunks and the whole of France as a country went crazy. After its introduction to the public, every malletiers or luggage makers began imitating Louis Vuitton’s design.
George Vuitton, being Louis Vuitton son made the decision in 1896 to further on the adventure of the fashion house that was initiated by his father. George went ahead to design the famous monogram canvas. Back then, in order to fight against the counterfeiters, he brought about a canvas bearing bold graphics, this being a pattern that could be recognized instantly. The unique pattern comprised of a universal and timeless symbol, flowers and the signature entwined Louis Vuitton initials (LV).
Since its design, the monogram canvas has been linked with organic, vegetable-tanned vachetta leather from cowhide. The information on all the various styles of the Louis Vuitton bags manufactured from leathers like Monogram Empreinte, Monogram Vernis, Epi and Damier Ebene.

Essential Tips for Getting a Vietnam Visa

First of all, are you in need of a tourist visa for Vietnam? Not certain? So go through the internet for some helpful information on getting your Vietnam visa. There are some nationalities that don’t have to apply for the tourist visa to Vietnam and can get the immigration stamp at no cost. Obtaining a visa to Vietnam is these days simpler than ever before, but, it’s better you get yourself fully prepared for any situations that might spare you a headache.

Here are some tips that must be taken into account before submitting a visa application to Vietnam:

To apply for the Vietnam visa via the Internet, you have to look for a trustworthy online establishment that will handle the paperwork and provide you with all the forms and information needed for the process.

Ensure that you have at least a passport valid for 6 months with available space for stamping.

Visa regulations are always changing, therefore go through thoroughly before you’re ready to travel.

Extensions to visas are mostly done with less than one week on your existing visa, and after three (3) extensions, you have to get a fresh visa. The fee ranges from 18-35USD.

Submit a visa application to Vietnam 1 or 2 weeks ahead so as to avoid unwanted issues.

Here are some tips for securing a Vietnam visa:

1. Learn about visa extensions
If you want to extend your visa it’s important to know the requirements. They’re typically done within one week of your current visa. Then after 3 visa extensions you’re required to secure a brand new visa. The fee ranges from about $20 to $35 USD. This is important info so you’ll know the rules and regulations about visa extensions.

Keep in mind like the original visa application the regulations change so it’s important to know the exact requirements. That in turn will help you meet the latest requirements and avoid a lot of possible issues.

2. Apply early to avoid problems
It’s advisable to apply for a Vietnam visa 1-2 weeks before your arrival date. This in turn will help to avoid a lot of possible issues. In most cases everything goes smoothly but in case there’s a hiccup in the process it’s critical to have some extra time to sort things out.

Another plus of this approach is you can also avoid extra costs like fees and penalties. That’s definitely a plus since it can help you to save money in the process.

3. Learn the latest visa regulations
These often change so it’s important to learn the latest and greatest version. That in turn will help to avoid a lot of issues. For example, sometimes requirements related to applying for visas change. As a result it’s important to make sure that you have the updated regulations related to applying for Vietnam visas. This in turn will help to provide the best results.

On the other hand, if the list of regulation you have is outdated it can have a negative effect. That’s because you won’t know exactly what’s required when applying for a visa. That can cause you to miss certain requirements, which is something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

4. Learn about a visa on arrival
This is a way to secure a visa that’s an alternate to securing the visa when you arrive. It involves filling out an application form that you can find online and paying a service fee. You’ll then receive the approval letter within 2 days after applying. You can then pick up the visa at your particular destination airport.

5. Have enough time and space
More specifically it’s important to make sure your passport is valid for 6+ months when you apply for a Vietnam passport. You should also have enough space to get your stamps. These are both important to make the process of securing the visa as smooth as possible. It can be a hassle to go through the process of securing a new passport after securing a visa. There’s various logistics like transferring your old visa to the news passport. The issue of adding space to your passport can also be a hassle so it’s something you’ll likely want to avoid.

These are some of the key tips to keep in mind when applying for a Vietnam visa. If you follow them you’ll have a good chance of saving time, effort, and money in the process.

The JCER Blog Guide to the Best Water Softener

So many areas get hard water in supply meaning that your normal water contains minerals, iron, and other impurities. This is likely going to have an effect on water appliances in the house such as washing machine, water heaters and dishwashers such that they become clogged up and as a result, they do not really last long as they should do. Hard water can create an excess build-up of limescale thereby affecting laundry, work surface and also bathroom. Installing a water softener in your home can help you to get high-quality water which makes appliances and clothing last much longer. JCER Blog is the best place to find the best softener reviews.

Softer water is friendlier to the skin and hair so you may discover that you do not necessarily need to spend so much on hair conditioner or moisturizers. When you do your laundry with soft water, your clothing will come out of the machine completely clean and so fresh.

You are likely going to spend a fortune on bottled water every week if you do live in a hard water area. Any good section online about the water softener review will clarify that softened water has a much better taste than hard water. Both the smell and the taste of your domestic water will definitely improve so much. You will be doing the environment a good if you do not buy bottled water.

What can you learn about water softeners at online sources like JCER Blog? One of the things is the many benefits of water softeners including the following:

1. Improved skin and hair

When you use a water softener it results in skin that’s softer and hair that’s clean and smooth. This is important because you’ll want them to be as clean and healthy as possible. You can achieve that goal when you remove chemicals like calcium and magnesium you can achieve that goal. When bathing and shampooing it’s critical to get the best results. One of the ways to do that is to use a water softener to ensure the water is ideal for producing the best results for those activities.

2. Cleaner silverware, glassware, etc.

When you use a water softener it can help to make tons of things cleaner and shiner including glassware, silverware, tiles, mirrors, plumbing fixtures etc. When you wash those items two of the main goals are to make sure they’re as clean and shiny as possible. When you remove certain chemicals it makes the water more compatible with soap, which in turn results in cleaner items. This is critical because the items you wash should be clean and shiny to improve the form and function of the items.

3. Long-life water appliances

A water softener can also help to make your water appliances last longer. That includes coffee machines, dishwashers, laundry equipment, water heaters, and ice makers. That’s because the water doesn’t include harsh chemicals that wear down the units.

4. Saves soap/shampoo

Are you spending a ton of money on bath soap and shampoo? The good news is you can take various steps to reduce your costs. One way is to use a water softener. The reason is the water will help to work up a full lather. This in turn means you’ll have to use less soap/shampoo, which will make your life easier. So it’s important to consider the benefits you can get when using a water softener. If you pick a good quality one you can end up saving money in several ways including needing to buy less soap and shampoo. How does that sound?

5. Easier housework

In today’s busy world we often don’t have much time and effort to do housework. Water softeners can help since less soap cured makes the process of cleaning items much easier. That in turn reduces how much housework you have to complete when cleaning various items in your house. This doesn’t mean the work can be done without any effort. However, what’s important is it will be much easier to complete, which will in turn make your life easier.

6. Softer clothes

Do you feel your clothes are too stiff after being washed? There are various causes of that result and chemicals in the water can be one of the biggest culprits. If you use a water softener the hard minerals don’t get caught in the fabric. That will help to make your white clothes stay white longer and you won’t have to deal with dirty grey from hard water. Another plus your fabrics will also last longer since those chemicals won’t be adding more wear & tear.

Why You Should Consider Condo Vacation Rentals

One would think that because of the cost savings, more people would consider renting a condo when going on vacation. The clear truth is that renting a twin vew condo allows you the opportunity to save money by reducing your vacation food bill and that might just be the determining factor that guides you in this direction.

However, there is far more benefit renting a condo as against staying in a hotel, and even a resort. Unless you are ready to dish out enough money for a suite of rooms in a hotel, renting a condo will allow you to have a variety of versatility of space that might only be compared by actually being able to do vacation from your own home. Not only will you even have access to a kitchen, but you have access to everything else that a condo living space has to offer. Also, when negotiating with a condo management company, you can go through the inventory in the area where you wish to go on vacation to or present your specific needs to the condo management team so they can come up with options for you.

Put more money towards creating great vacation memories when you save with condo rentals. Learn about all the condo rental benefits before planning your next vacation.

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you rent a condo like twin view including the following ones:

1. Less stress

When you rent a condo it can reduce the amount of stress you have. That’s because you can pick a condo that’s strategically located where you attend school or work. This can make your life easier since you won’t have to worry about taking out a big mortgage to purchase an apartment/house, which can be tough if you’re unable to repay your loan and have to default on your loan. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

Another plus if you can rent a condo that’s closer to your home is you won’t have to spend tons of money commuting to school/work every day. You can instead take public transportation or even walk if the condo is close enough to your home or office. This is definitely a plus since it can be more convenient for you.

2. Cost-effective

When you rent a condo you can save tons of money. For example, let’s say you’re a student or office worker. In that case it’s critical to find a place that’s not only comfortable but affordable. If you want to save money renting a condo can be much cheaper than purchasing an apartment or house, for example. The money you save can go towards key purchases you have to make.

Another way you can save money by renting a condo is you won’t have to spend lots of money traveling to work or school if it’s in town, for example. By renting a condo you can e super close to wherever you need to go in order to attend your classes or work.

3. More convenience

We all want our lives to be more convenient, right? When you rent a condo unit you can also enjoy many conveniences. For example, if it’s close to your workplace/school you can save time, money, and effort getting to those places in the morning and returning home at night. This will make your life easier.

Another plus is condos are often located near malls, supermarkets, etc. As a result you won’t have to worry about traveling across town to buy stuff for dinner, or spending hours going into town to watch a movie or buy a new appliance. Those are situations you’ll likely want to avoid and especially when you have tons of stuff to do. You can focus on those other priorities when you rent a condo that’s close to all the places you need to get to.

4. Saves time

Another major benefit of renting a condo is it can save you time getting to work/school. It depends on the location but if you can find a condo that’s super close to those places it can be much easier than taking a long commute every morning and evening. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid and especially when you have a busy schedule and don’t want to get involved with being stuck in traffic for several hours per day.

In fact, you can sometimes find a condo that’s so close to work/school you can even walk or bike there. This can help you get to your destination much faster and also gives you the opportunity to get some exercise while you’re at it.


Is It Safe To Go Through Sbiancante Denti?

Sbiancante denti, the Italian term for whitening teeth, is not only an exclusive phenomenon that has taken the public by storm in Italy. In fact, this is widely in demand all over the world and majority of the people want it more convenient and safe done at home. However, the most common whitening toothpaste can barely even whiten up the teeth, thus people resort to more extreme measures. These extreme measures, depending on where you found these procedures, can be dangerous when abused or not applied according to instructions. And because of these facts that dentists urge people to discuss the possible risks with whitening procedures and products. This is very important, especially when you are planning to have your teeth whitened.

The risks linked with the whitening products include sensitivity with the tooth and damage to its roots. Dentists are able to predict the kind of problems linked with whitening and the sensitivities with the procedures. They may even be able to aid you in alleviating the sensitivity which is recommending particular toothpastes and procedures that are designed in treating sensitive teeth. Dentists also check out for signs of damage to the roots that are caused by whitening procedures and then treat the condition when they are detected in time.

Should you bleach your teeth?

Most people still want to have their teeth bleached, but because there are certain factors that need to be addressed first, many are concerned whether they are allowed to go through the bleaching process. Generally, tooth whitening is at a 90 percent success rate on patients. The rule of thumb here is that the yellow-colored teeth get to respond really well with various whitening procedures, while the brownish colored ones do not really respond that well. The gray stains on the teeth are the result of smoking, taking fluorosis or tetracycline most likely not going to change anything at all.

Also, the tooth whitening procedure may not improve your smile at all if you had a tooth-colored fillings or bonding placed at the front teeth. The whitener doesn’t have any effect on the color made by these materials and they are not going to match the whitened smile that you’ve gone through. In such cases, you might want to take or consider other options available, such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

Is bleaching the best option?

For this, you will need the approval of your dentist. Keep in mind that not all stains can be lightened up with OTC whitening products or even with professional bleaching. Your dentist will be able to guide you on which procedures you should take. If you’ve got sensitive teeth, worn out enamel or gum disease, your dentist will probably discourage you from teeth whitening.

The cost of going through the sbiancante denti depends on which procedure you take. But if you were to go to a dentist and have them perform the procedure for you, this procedure is usually not covered in health insurances. Make sure you check out your insurance first if you want to lessen the cost of paying for the procedure.

How To Choose The Best Garden Trampoline  

On the way to get a trampoline for your yard? Make sure that you only get the best garden trampoline there is. You want to find the right fit whether for your personal use or for the kids. The best product should give you several years of bouncing fun. So, if you want to make a purchase that can be a good investment, take a look at the following tips.

Rectangular or circular

You will have to decide whether you should get one that is circular in shape or one that is rectangular. Considering that you are going to use it for your garden, it may be best to stick to the circular ones. They tend to be less powerful when compared to the rectangular shaped ones that are used by really experienced gymnasts.

When the trampoline is circular in shape, it is able to direct the jumper towards this center which makes them the best garden trampoline for the inexperienced user. Rectangular shaped ones will be way too dangerous especially if you have kids at home. The square design is best suited for trampolinists that are very experienced on how to maneuver the fixture.

The right size

Most of the round trampolines that are sold around have their diameters measured in feet. The smallest is usually measured at 6 ft and the largest will have a diameter of 15 ft. it is best to go for the largest size that can fit in your garden. If you are trying to look for the best garden trampoline for the kids, they will be needing a larger bouncing area as they grow older. So, going for a larger size means that there would no need for you to have to buy a new one in the near future since you are sure that it will still be able to accommodate their growing size.

Do check how much room you have in the place where you want to set the trampoline up as well. Make sure that the ground is preferably soft. The grass is most ideal. It needs to be level as well. See to it that the site is going to be away from overhanging cables and branches. There also needs to be at least 18 inches gap between the edges of the trampoline to the fences or the walls. The distance would have to be bigger in the event that you do not want a fixture that has safety enclosures on it.

Choosing the right supplier

It is best to look for a supplier that specializes on trampolines. This is to ensure that you will be given proper guidance and advice when it comes to picking the right one that should fit your needs. How long they have been selling these products should factor in on the decision you are about making. See to it that they are getting good feedback from past customers that have transacted with them before too.

Finding the best garden trampoline should not be that hard to do if you are well aware of what you are looking for. Avoid making a random and rushed purchase. Take your time to research about the different brands around first so you know what you get is worth the price you pay.

Which Is The Best Outdoor Dog House?

Dogs are the best partners to have in your home because not only they are good at protecting you; they are also good companions whenever you feel happy or sad. They do not hold any judgment in keeping you company. And because of this reason, it is recommended to reward them with the best outdoor dog house. It is perfect for households that want to put their dogs outside as often as they can.

Choosing the first dog house

Many dog owners start out with buying a dog kennel or crate because the intentions fall into these 2 purposes:

  • To train the dog, especially with housebreaking
  • To give a comfortable yet private space for the dog, much like what a dog house does

For the new dog owners, especially when they are tight in the budget, is natural because it is a practical choice, not to mention that it is frugal and it serves its purpose well.

However, when you later learn what kind of personality your dog has and you have already determined where how your dog fits in the space in your home, you will start listing down the features of what the best outdoor dog house will be for him.

Dog House Mansions

From the name itself, you can already tell how costly this kind of dog house will be. But there is no harm in trying to find out what kind of dog house mansions there are in the market. It comes in different styles, configurations and shapes. But the value here is purely aesthetic. It is like a miniature version of the homeowner’s house. This is the perfect choice for those that treat their pet dog like a king.

Rustic Style dog houses

This is another famous variation to dog houses, and it is the rustic style. Not only are they functional, but they are also pleasing to the eye, too. This is the best choice to go with if you live in a log house or you are taking a vacation in a log cabin.

Dog houses that serves a purpose

Then there are the dog houses that serve for a particular purpose. This is where you’ll likely meet a lot of the best outdoor dog house, wherein its main purpose is to protect from one or more of the following:

  • Snow
  • Cold temperature
  • High temperature
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Sun

The basic dog house is the most practical option to go with, but the ones with a purpose is even better. Other homeowners do not even mind if it is going to be an eye sore to the family. Still, the aesthetic look of the dog house is never ignored because majority of the dog owners do not want to feel uncomfortable if the dog house of their choice doesn’t look at least pleasing.

The best outdoor dog house is not only limited by the look and feel of it for the dog, but also how comfortable it is for the dog, too. In order to get to the right dog house for your dog, make sure you know which one is best suited for your dog by finding good reviews about it.

What Are The Best Survival Blades?

Are you looking for the best survival blades that will definitely meet all of your outdoor and survival needs? If so, you have come to the right place. Knowing that survival is important and a necessity, being fully equip at all times matters. Of course, you will need a knife that will help you get through any emergency situations. Here are the following survival blades.

Aluminium Folder CRKT M21- carrying a folding knife outdoors is indeed handy. You can never tell as to when an emergency situation would come. This item is designed for your benefit. You can carry this type of survival knife anywhere you are. You can even put it any compartment that you own such as putting it inside your pocket of your jeans.

SL Pro 2 Tool Logic- there is few survival knives that have been popularized. The quality of the knife provides not only knife needs but it also have other features that you can benefit such as the use of a flashlight. Most of this type of survival knife comes with a serrated blade.

Swiss Army Knife Centurion- this is one of the best survival blades that you can purchase. It is also known by most people all over the world. This was popularized because of McGyver. Perhaps, you are familiar with this TV series that was played many years ago. The centurion has developed its features which is the reason why most people would purchase this survival blade.

Mule Folder Ka-bar- it is known as the heaviest duty tool that you can have in the market. It has a solid material and it also has a very sharp point that can easily scrape or cut a person’s skin.

1 Spear point, Cold Steel Recon- this is a type of survival knife that doesn’t have the usual kind of blade. It is very thin and it is only ideal for those who are taking shifts on duty. This is very light, thin and sharp as well. It is lightweight which means you can carry it without even noticing that it is in your pocket.

CRT ultima- if you are into dagger type of survival knives, this a great option for you. It has a stainless steel and titanium with a nitride coating. Its overall length is about 10 inches which can be too long for you to keep. However, if you want to achieve the best survival blade this is for sure your next buddy outdoor.

Straight edge full size black- the marine corps of the US actually made this type of survival knife. This is actually feared by many because of how it can truly stab a person. Keep precaution if you want to ensure safety in your environment. This is best for hunting.

Best survival blades do come in various shapes and sizes. Now, that you know which type of survival knife would you like to purchase. As long as it will tailor fit your survival needs.

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